Project Management

Global Competitiveness puts continuous pressure on every element of the project design and build function whether for new, retrofit or OEM process, automation and facility construction. Team cooperation and tight project resource integration are paramount. In plant rebuilds and in new construction duplication or gaps can occur between the various teams, including the contracting entities; unless coordinated integration is supplied.
In over 25 years of executing small and large projects, EAE Tech has developed a strong project management team and project management techniques. EAE Tech offers these services not only on our own projects but also to assist you in your projects. Functions and services that we can provide include:

  • Development of scope and deliverables specifications.
  • Development and execution of project schedules..
  • Procurement assistance..
  • Vendor and Contractor coordination..
  • On site representation for portions of or the duration of the project..
  • Implementation of quality assurance processes..
  • On site safety programs. .

EAE Tech specializes in Project Management that is focused around seamless project coordination, safety, on-time and on-budget performance. Our Staff are forged in experience hailing from manufacturing and plant management backgrounds and project diversities. We are professionally recognized and acclaimed with performance histories in various utility, plant and process project situations (conventional and fast-track) throughout North America and The World. Let us go to work for you and manage your next project!