Without a solid Networking Backbone, even the most sophisticated industrial control system is just an island of automation. The ability to connect all components of the manufacturing process, from power monitoring to the business systems, is paramount to providing operations and management the information needed to run a profitable business.
EAE Tech is unique in that we can supply not only the automation control and power systems for your facility, but both your process and business plant wide network backbone. EAE Tech has, and can supply the following networking assistance or systems for your facility: 
    Network Engineering
  • Selection of backbone: Media, fiber type, number of fibers, redundancy, ring, etc.
  • Protocol and Media conversion from Fieldbus to Ethernet networks.
  • Topology: Layout of media, network segregation (physical and virtual), number and location of media converters, patch panels, switches, terminal points.
  • Component Selection: Types of switches, patch panels and other components.
  • Installation drawings sufficient for contractor bids and install.
    Component Supply
  • Fiber and connectors
  • EAE Tech standard fiber to copper industrial enclosure with fiber termination, patch panel, redundant power supplies and switch.
  • Switches, managed and non-managed.
  • Configuration and test software.
    Wireless Networking
  • Topology Design, add on to physical network, or stand alone
  • Site Survey
  • Wireless modem and access point supply
  • Antenna selection and supply
  • Installation and configuration of all network components
  • Post installation support and service


Our extensive experience in the industrial environment makes EAE Tech the ideal supplier for your industrial networking needs – traditional suppliers of networking for office or commercial environments will not measure up to EAE Tech!